My name is Emily Bubbus and I am a new artist in the NWA region. I have the greatest husband (I may be biased) in the world who loves and supports me in my passion for art. My dog Fred is also very supportive in the fact that he does not chew up my work.

When I first began doing fluid art, I did not think I would be here today. Beginning to get commissions, starting to sell online, and becoming an actual business. I realized I wanted to pursue this dream when it became my go to pass time and outlet. When I had a few spare hours in a day, I immediately thought about what I wanted to create.

My creating process and passion for art is something I want to bring people into. I dream of sharing my time and energy with other wondrous humans who desire to unlock the creativity inside them. I love to love people and this is a huge part of how I love others; meet people, build relationships, encourage their passions, etc.